Hand spreading seeds over lawn
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How To Try TikTok's Handy Trick For Getting Grass Seed To Sprout
In an innovative approach to cultivating a lush, green lawn, TikTok creator @thelawntools has shared a secret for effectively sprouting grass seeds: pre-germination.
This method involves placing the grass seeds in a mesh bag and putting it inside a large bucket with holes at the bottom. This bucket is then nestled into another bucket.
Fill the double bucket system with water, and after 12 hours, lift the top one to drain the water from the seeds. Empty the bottom bucket and repeat the process with fresh water.
When small white roots appear, mix the seeds with a carrier and a fertilizer like Milorganite, and spread the mixture across your lawn using a drop spreader or a rotary spreader.
If you continue soaking the seeds beyond the initial sprouting stage, spreading them with a machine may become challenging, and you might need to distribute them by hand.
This approach bypasses typical challenges like seeds being washed away or eaten by birds and ensures the seeds are ready to grow as soon as they are sowed.