Pool noodles turned into lollipop decor
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How To Turn A Pool Noodle Into Festive Halloween Candy Decor
For candy décor this Halloween, hot glue two pool noodles end-to-end to create a long one. Secure them with duct tape, then wrap the same tape around the noodle in a swirl pattern.
Next, hot glue one of the ends of the noodle and slowly roll it on top. Continue hot gluing and spiraling the noodles until you reach the end.
Secure your spiral with a couple of rubber bands and leave the pool noodle to dry for 24 hours. Then, remove the rubber part of the plunger and spray paint the handle.
After everything has dried, remove the rubber bands and cut a hole into the side of the swirl with scissors, making sure it’s wide enough for the plunger’s handle to fit inside.
Add hot glue inside the hole and insert the handle. Once dry, place the lollipop on top of some cellophane, wrap the lollipop, and secure the wrapping with a big bow.