A closeup of pool noodles by a pool.
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How To Turn A Simple Pool Noodle Into A Comfy Footrest
When you have a non-reclining couch or chair, you miss out on having a footrest, but instead of buying an expensive reclining couch, you can DIY a stylish one for your furniture.
All you need is duct tape, yarn or fabric, and the hot DIY material of the year — pool noodles. Thanks to TikTok, it’s one of the most affordable DIYs you can replicate.
Once you gather all your materials and choose an outer cover, hot glue the ends of one pool noodle to create a circle, and repeat with two other noodles.
Stack the three rounds on top of each other, hot glue them to keep them in place, and cut the remainder of the pool noodles into sections that fit in the center of the circles.
Then, tape them down after your noodles are snuggled up in the middle. You want duct tape to cover the entire top and bottom surfaces and sides.
Finally, hot glue your jute or yarn, starting in the middle of the top and gluing it in a circle until you reach the outer and continue around the sides.