Walmart store in Ridgecrest, California.
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How To Turn A Walmart Planter Set Into A Stunning Centerpiece
TikTok user @gillaleighhome.designs shared how to create a stunning pedestal centerpiece for less than $10 with only two items from Walmart's garden department.
Simply turn a 6-inch ceramic plant pot upside down and place a 6-inch matching saucer on top. You could also glue them together to add some stability for heavier objects.
The pedestal can be topped with flowers, candles, or small LED lights and used to decorate a coffee or dining room table indoors or outside.
If you want to paint your centerpiece, spray paint is the best option to avoid visible brush strokes. If your items are glazed, you may need to sand and prime your pieces first.
Walmart carries the same pot and saucer in 10-inch versions that could easily be used as a food stand for cake, a plate of appetizers, fruit, or anything you'd like to display.