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How To Turn An IKEA Vase Into A Functional Self-Watering Planter
Instagram plant enthusiast Adam Lustig (@knotdude) created a self-watering planter with an IKEA RÄFFELBJÖRK vase along with a wicking cord, Lechuza Pon, and two net pots.
Ensure your net pots will fit the vase’s opening. Take each one and make a hole at the bottom to poke the wicking cord through, then fill them with a potting soil of your choice.
Next, decide which plants you want to grow. Make cuttings from the plant and place them gently in each pot, then water them to get the soil and wicking cord wet.
Add water to the pot, ensuring there’s a gap between the net pot and the water’s surface, then put the pots in the opening of the vase.
The water will travel up the wicking cord and keep the cuttings hydrated without you having to water them. Simply refill the vase when water is running low.
This works so well because of the capillary action that occurs, where gravity pulls water up toward the plant through the wicking cord and gives it enough to stay hydrated.