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How To Turn An Old Pillowcase Into A Trendy Storage Basket
With this tip from TikTok user @westwing, you can transform a shoebox into a trendy storage basket using just an old pillowcase and some rope.
For this hack, get a glue gun, hot glue, craft rope, a cardboard box, and a pillowcase. The TikTok user recommends rope with medium thickness, but you can go thinner or thicker.
First, glue the rope to the box starting at the bottom. Wrap it around the box as you go upward, being sure to keep the rope as straight and close together as possible.
Create rows of rope as high up on the box as you can. Don’t worry if a little bit of the box is showing at the top — it will be covered with the pillowcase.
Place the bottom end of your pillowcase inside your box and smooth it out. Fold the top of your pillowcase over the top of your box and tuck the edges underneath for smooth lines.