White, black, gray bath towels in stack on white background
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How To Turn Old Towels Into A Chic And Functional Bathmat
Towels typically last around two to five years, but this simple and affordable DIY lets you extend the life of old towels by transforming them into a functional bathmat.
Cut the towels into 3-inch-wide strips. Stack three strips and pin them together. The pin will hold your fabric in place as you hand-stitch the top of the strips into one.
Take the edges of a strip and fold them inward so they meet, then bring the folded edges together and pin the strip down to secure it.
Twist them together and remove the pins as you work. The strips will come together in one thick section. Attach additional strips to the ends and twist them for a larger rug.
Take the top end that you sewed and begin to make a spiral. Keep the top in the center and coil the towel around it.
Lastly, sew the end of your towel rope and secure each section together. Start with the middle and connect each ring to the next.
If you don't fancy a spiral design, you can also create a braided bathmat by braiding the strips instead of twisting and then coiling them into a spiral.