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How To Turn Over-The-Door Hangers Into Hanging Flower Boxes
To create hanging flower boxes, you’ll need over-the-door hangers, which come in a variety of styles and materials, like metal and plastic, and some decorative woven baskets.
You can also use old wooden crates or plastic storage containers as long as they are made for outdoor use and have proper drainage to prevent waterlogging.
Securely attach the over-the-door hangers to a suitable spot, such as a porch railing, and make sure the hooks are firmly installed to prevent accidents or loose fittings.
Hang your selected basket or box on each hook, and remember to check that it is properly secured. For added stability, use zip ties to fasten the baskets to the hanging hook.
Use high-quality potting soil while planting your flowers so that they can grow and spread their roots. Arrange them to create a visually appealing and harmonious arrangement.