A green rain barrel in a garden
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How To Turn Rain Barrels Into Chic Garden Planters
Rain barrels are simplistic yet highly beneficial backyard water tanks; however, you can use these helpful items around your yard and garden in various ways.
One alternative way to use these multifunctional garden tools is for hydroponic gardening — a method of growing plants, flowers, and crops without soil.
Roots grow directly in the water instead of anchoring in place. Hydroponic gardening can be done year-round and is a popular choice for homeowners with limited yard space.
You can create a hydroponic garden right on top of your rain barrel with some minor alterations. Rainwater will collect in the barrel and nourish the roots of the plants on top.
Aquaponic gardening is another option that doesn’t use soil, and although similar to creating a hydroponic system, these types of gardens are their own ecosystems.
You’ll need to mimic a natural environment by adding fish to produce good bacteria, aka plant food. These ecosystems are self-sustainable, zero-waste, and low maintenance.