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How To Turn These Three Spaces Into A Home Gym
The average bedroom is 200 square feet, easily large enough to support the workout needs of a single lifter or a pair of workout partners. Power Lifting Technique estimates that an ideal home gym will measure out to about 150 to 250 square feet, with a minimum size of 50 to 60 square feet to support the essentials.
Spare Bedroom
Spare bedroom
Basements provide a semi-soundproofed environment that's perfect for a motivational soundtrack and all the loud vocalizations that help a lifter accomplish their weight goals. By using your basement as a gym, you'll have the space you need without sacrificing the main part of the house
A Basement
Your garage may work for a home gym as it provides great ambiance, a large footprint, and the ability to customize the included equipment to your needs. Additionally, a garage is a unique workout space, because you can open the garage door for better ventilation and an outdoorsy feel.
A Garage