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How To Turn Trash Bags Into DIY Air Conditioning Ductwork
If you're looking to cut air conditioning costs, trying your own DIY ductwork could be ideal, as it saves you from having to install another air conditioner in a different room.
According to TikTok user @_sami_2_scoops_, all you need for this hack are a handful of large trash bags and some sellotape. Start by gathering your trash bags on the floor.
Cut off the ends to open up both sides of the trash bags. Then, assemble them in a long line together, making them connect slightly, and tape the sections together.
Flip them and repeat on the opposite side to effectively create a sellotape seal around the connecting sections of the trash bags — make sure the sellotape is firmly secured.
Lastly, tape the bags to your air conditioner around the vent where the air comes out. You can also attach them to your ceiling and guide them to a specific room.