Woman planting kohlrabi on a raised bed
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How To Turn Unwanted Wooden Pallets Into A Raised Garden Bed
Creating your own raised bed garden, lush with flowers and vegetables, could be an expensive hobby, but you can cut down on the cost by upcycling wooden pallets.
Gather minimally-treated wooden pallets, a measuring tape, drill, screws or nails, and a hammer. Inspect the pallets for any damage and remove any loose nails or damaged pieces.
Use the hammer to disassemble the pallets into individual boards. Take 2 longer boards for the sides of the garden bed and attach them to shorter ones using screws or nails.
Square the corners with a carpenter's square or by measuring diagonally from corner to corner. Add extra pieces of wood or corner braces to reinforce the corners of the bed.
Remember to consider the height and accessibility of the raised bed. If desired, you can stack additional pallet boards to increase the height.
Find a suitable location for the bed and level the ground if necessary. Fill the bed with high-quality soil and compost for the plants you plan to grow.