A male red cardinal bird just lands on a backyard bird feeder. Snow falls from the feeder full of seeds.
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How To Turn Vintage Dishware Into Bird Feeders For Your Garden
If you’re looking for a creative way to add a bit of upcycled charm to your garden and a spot for the natural wildlife to gather, make a bird feeder out of a vintage dish.
For dishware, you can use a ceramic cup, glassware, plates, or serving trays. To hang it, you will need twine or outdoor-friendly hooks, bird seeds, and a strong ceramic adhesive.
For a teacup design, put a line of adhesive on the saucer. With the handle facing upwards, place the teacup in the line of adhesive and let it sit
for one to two hours.
Then attach the twine to the handle, and the bottom saucer will sit perpendicular to the ground. You can also make a triangle sling for the bottom of the plate instead.
Another option is to make totem-like sculptures using dishware of various varieties and heights, including stemmed and non-stemmed glassware stacked and glued together.