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How To Turn Your Hose Into A Pressure Washer
TikTok user SuzyQ released a video showing how she turned a garden hose into a pressure washer using just a regular spray nozzle and some liquid dish soap.
You can replicate this simple hack by ensuring the water is turned off, removing the spray nozzle, and folding the garden hose in half about 2 feet from the end.
Squeeze about an ounce of liquid dish soap into the end of the hose. Afterward, simply return the spray nozzle and turn the water on, letting go of the kink in the hose line.
The hose will spray soapy water long enough to do most simple jobs like cleaning rugs, toys, windows, cars, and even dogs. Then,
it will rinse automatically.
There are also high-pressure attachments available, and while it isn’t as powerful as an actual pressure washer, it can substantially increase the power of your hose.