Trendy pillow made from Ikea placemats
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How To Turn Your Ikea Placemat Into A Boho-Chic Pillow
TikTok user @judithjelenadiy created a gorgeous boho-chic pillow with something wholly unexpected and unrelated to pillow making: wicker placemats from Ikea.
You'll need two Ikea Gallsopp placemats, a white pillow, jute twine, black and gray yarn (or any colors that match your home's interior), a pom-pom maker, a needle, and scissors.
The pom-pom maker is easy to use. Wrap your yarn around one side of the device, then repeat on the other side before closing the tool and cutting the string down the middle.
Then, cut an extra piece of yarn, wrap it around the center of the tool, and tie a few knots. Repeat the steps to make ten pom-poms, five gray and five black.
Sew the placemats together along the edges with your needle and the jute twine, and stuff the pillow inside before sewing them shut. Finally, tie the pom-poms around the pillow.