A wine rack with wine bottles above a kitchen counter.
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How To Turn Your IKEA Wine Rack Into A Functional Shower Caddy
If you lack space in your shower or bathroom, there's nothing more convenient than adding a simple caddy to make your everyday essentials accessible and easy to transport.
Luckily, clever TikToker Entela Hoxha has found a way to repurpose two simple items from IKEA to create a sleek shower caddy that's both budget-friendly and easy to assemble.
In her TikTok video, the creator combines IKEA's SNÖSPIRA wine rack and its TAVELÅN trays to create a functional and fashionable bathroom organization solution for just over $20.
Hoxha starts by placing the smaller tray from the set at the bottom of the wine rack to create a solid surface. Then, she uses the rounded frame at the top to stack rolled towels.
Since the rack has brackets on the back, you can easily hang it on your wall. You can also use the small bar that runs across the top to suspend your caddy from the shower head.