Outdoor DIY planter made from a file cabinet
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How To Turn Your Old File Cabinet Into A DIY Planter
Instagram user Ashley Wilson demonstrated that you can turn your file cabinet into a DIY garden planter by removing the drawers, flipping the cabinet on its back, and adding soil.
Here are the steps Wilson used to customize her planter. To complete this DIY, you'll need an empty metal filing cabinet, a caulk gun, and small paint brushes.
In her list of supplies on her blog, Wilson also includes square, corner, and bullnose tiles, a porcelain paint kit, a porcelain paint pen, construction adhesive, and white grout.
Remove the drawers and inner glides of the filing cabinet, then flip it on its back so the openings face upward. Wipe down the file cabinet to remove dirt and dust from its walls.
Decorate the exterior of the cabinet with paint or ceramic tiles, and finish with a seal or grout. Move the planter outside and fill the lower half with a breathable substrate.