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How To Turn Your Old IKEA Bed Base Into A Vertical Garden
People have creatively built gorgeous vertical gardens using IKEA products, and for under $50, you can use your IKEA materials to make a lovely, functional standing garden as well.
You’ll need IKEA's LURÖY slatted bed base, a 1-inch x 2-inch length of wood, ten 2-inch wood screws, exterior wood paint, a paintbrush, and SUNNERSTA containers for hanging plants.
First, cut the wood into two pieces. Each piece should be the same width as your slatted bed base, measuring approximately 38 inches long if you're using a twin-sized LURÖY.
Decide how tall you want your vertical garden to be, grab two screws, and power drill a piece of wood into your fence horizontally, with one screw on each end.
Hold up the bed slats and align the top plank directly on your mounted wood. Once the two are lined up, drill in screws at both ends to secure it.
With the bed base hanging from your fence, cut the fabric holding the slats together at the bottom. Screw in the second piece of wood and attach the lowest slat to it with screws.
Once your vertical garden is painted and ready for styling, use the IKEA containers to hang the plants. The SUNNERSTA containers have built-in hooks to attach to the slatted board.
Lift the hooks off the frame to move them around, bring them indoors, or switch them out. SUNNERSTA also has shelves to hold potted plants and hooks to hang garden tools.