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How To Upcycle Old Lampshade Frames Into Chic Hanging Plant Holders
Hanging plants is a great way to maximize space. To make your own version of hanging plant holders, all you need are thrifted lampshades, thin chains, and some spray paint.
The best part is that if your plant is already in a pot that you can suspend from your roof, you won’t have to buy a separate planter and go through the process of repotting it.
For this build, it’s best to use a set of multiple small lampshades (like ones you’d see on a small desk lamp), but you can cater your selection to what’s available at the store.
Start by stripping the lampshade’s outer layer of fabric to expose the frame. Then, spray paint everything to match the chain you have, or coat everything with a new color.
Lastly, connect the pieces of the frame with a thin metal chain that can be opened with pliers. If you’re buying secondhand, this project shouldn’t cost you more than $20.
As for customization, a tri-level plant holder with three small lampshade frames would look great, but you can increase or decrease this number based on your preferences.
You can also buy shades in varying sizes, place the largest on the bottom, and work up to the smallest. Large shades can work for big pots; just ensure they can handle the weight.