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How To Use
A Blow Dryer
To Bring Your Matted Carpet Back To Life
Carpets and rugs get worn out over time, and calling a professional to fix them can get costly. Fortunately, you can bring old carpets back to life simply by using a blow dryer.
A little heat can fix minor dents and flat areas in your old carpet, so simply apply your blow dryer on the carpet as you would on your hair: damp, apply heat, and comb the fibers.
Get the matted area damp, but not wet. Turn your blow dryer on low and hold it over the problem area at 2 or 3 inches to prevent overheating and damaging the fibers.
Use your fingers like a comb and pass your hand across the area until it's dry and fluffy. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until the dent or flatness has gone.