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How To Use A Cotton Ball To Give Your Carpet A Refresh
To replace lingering odors in your carpet with fresh scents, all you'll need are cotton balls, essential oils, and a vacuum cleaner.
Cotton balls are very absorbent and essential oils are highly concentrated. Together, they pack quite an aromatic punch in almost any scent, including lavender, citrus and rose.
If you have a vacuum cleaner that uses traditional bags, simply soak a cotton ball in the essential oil scent of your choice and place it inside the vacuum bag.
If you use a bagless vacuum model, add a few drops of essential oil onto a cotton ball. Tear the cotton ball into little pieces, and place it on the carpet you’ll be vacuuming.
As you vacuum the carpet, the scent will be dispersed through the machine's exhaust port. The oils, heated up by the machine's motor, will infuse your carpet with this new scent.
The scents of essential oils can linger in the air for days, so you can refresh the scent every time you vacuum, and it won't ever fade.