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How To Use A Dollar Bill To Measure In A Pinch
A crisp, standard U.S. dollar bill can be easily used as an alternative measuring tool when you don’t have a measuring tape or ruler on hand.
Begin by establishing a reference point at the start of the measurement, such as the edge of the surface. Lay the bill flat across the distance you’re trying to measure.
If the distance is longer than a single bill, mark the endpoint with a pencil (or your finger) and lay the bill out again, continuing until the measurement is complete.
According to the U.S. Currency Education Program, a one-dollar bill, in good condition with undamaged edges, measures 6.14 inches in length.
Multiply the length you measured in bills by 6.14, and you'll have the measurement in inches. For instance, a length of two and a half dollar bills would be a bit over 15 inches.