Paint roller painting a wall light blue
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How To Use A Paint Roller To Make Gutter Cleaning Feel Effortless
Using a paint roller equipped with an extension pole to clean your gutters saves time, prevents falls from a ladder, and makes the whole process much more efficient.
First, choose your materials. The extension pole needs to reach your gutters from where you stand on the ground, while the roller must be sturdy enough to handle gutter debris.
Prepare your roller by dipping it in a bucket of water or running it under a hose, then stand on the ground and extend your pole to reach the gutter.
Use a back-and-forth motion to run the wet roller along the inside of the gutter. It should pick up debris, which can be shaken into a garbage bag or compost pile​.
Continue this process until the entire gutter is clean, cleaning and rinsing off the roller as needed throughout the process​.