Person shoving a pool noodle into their footboard
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How To Use A Pool Noodle To Easily Make Your Bed
TikTokker @happyhousereviews shared a genius pool noodle bed-making trick that went viral. It works best on bed frames with a footboard, and you'll only need a single pool noodle.
Make your bed as usual, folding the blankets and sheets under the sides of your mattress and tucking the bedding at the foot of your bed between the board and the mattress.
Then, squeeze a pool noodle into this space and press it down over your tucked-in blanket. The pool noodle will hold your sheets in place even when you move in your sleep.
You can also pull this off without a footboard by tucking the noodle underneath your mattress along with your bedding. This, however, may create a lump in the mattress.