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How To Use A Pool Noodle To Keep
Your Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck
To keep your robot vacuum from getting stuck in tricky spots, such as on thick carpeting or beneath furniture, consider using pool noodles as a strategic barrier around your home.
For a robot vacuum that gets ensnared on a high-pile rug, simply make a lengthwise slit in a pool noodle and slip it over the rug's edges.
This foam barrier prompts the robot vacuum to reverse direction upon contact. In case a single noodle doesn't span the length of your
rug, you can glue two
or more together.
If your vacuum gets stuck under furniture like under a recliner, for example, slice the noodles and place them under the furniture legs
to elevate it slightly.
For spaces between heavier furniture and the floor, cut the noodle into slices fitting that gap and wedge them underneath to block off the open space.