White paint dripping from a paint brush.
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How To Use A Pool Noodle To Prop Up Your Messy Paintbrushes
Finding a safe spot to stash your paint brushes while you're painting can be messy. Luckily, TikTok is here to save the day and your paint brushes from falling in the paint tray.
Luckily, a pool noodle hack posted by TikToker @hellowonderful_co shows how to cut a pool noodle so you can squeeze your brushes into its side and avoid such
a mess.
Cut the noodle to the size of the edge of the paint tray and cut it lengthwise so that its hole can slip over the side of your tray. Then, cut slits along the width of the noodle.
You can make thinner slits
for smaller paintbrushes, but for larger brushes, you'll need the slits to be deeper to ensure your brushes don't fall into or out of the paint tray.
Lastly, slip the paint brushes into the slits of the pool noodle so that they can nestle together with their tips hanging over the paint tray — but not in the tray.