This bright yellow pool noodle is sitting on the surface of clear blue water in a swimming pool.
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How To Use A Pool Noodle To Remove Debris From Your Pool
Pools can be an almost endless source of joy during the summer months, but their maintenance in the off-season requires some work that can be tedious and annoying.
Skimming leaves, bugs, and sticks out of the water is a hassle; luckily, one TikTok user developed a trick that’ll help make it easier using just a pool noodle.
Instead of repeatedly walking around your pool with a net, user @jamiesjourneyjamiebloem proposed creating your own trap to catch the debris on the pool’s surface using a noodle.
The video shows the TikTok user taking a pool noodle and sticking it on the intake of the pool’s filter, allowing it to jut out toward the rest of the water.
If you plan to use the hack, make sure you still allow some space for the water to flow through the filter — you don’t want to completely block it off so the water will still flow.
After the water circulates for a while, you should notice the surface debris gets caught as it flows by the pool noodle, leaving you with a pile that you can easily scoop up.
Check if this trick will work with your existing filtration system. The video shows an above-ground pool with a fairly large, rectangular filter that sits close to the surface.
Some pools might have smaller or lower filters, so you could run into some issues positioning your pool noodle without completely blocking the flow.
However, you can still use this hack to your advantage by making some tweaks. Securing the pool noodle near the filter is a less effective yet still helpful alternative method.