Birds on large birdbox with many holes
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How To Use A Soup Can To Attract Birds To Your Yard
Grab a medium-sized can and remove its label so that none of it winds up in your garden or a bird’s stomach. Open one side of the can halfway around and empty the contents.
Trim a sliver of metal off the flap of the half-lid and apply pressure to bend the flap inward. Repeat on the other side to create a hollow space to hold the birdseed.
Grab a drill bit a little larger in diameter than your piece of dowel. Drill one hole into each half-lid and two holes in the top of the can, on the side devoid of a lid flap.
Push the piece of dowel through the holes in the half-lids to create a perch. Guide your twine through the two holes in the top of the can to make a hook for hanging the feeder.
After knotting the twine, mount the bird feeder outside your window. Then, you can fill it with birdseed or fruit slices.