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How To Use A Tennis Ball To Hide Valuable Items In Your Home
In 2021, the FBI estimated that over $733 billion worth of goods were stolen in the U.S. A tennis ball can help ensure that your valuables don't end up as part of that statistic.
Since tennis balls are hollow and easy to puncture through, they're the perfect choice for hiding things in. First, cut a large hole in your tennis ball with a box cutter or knife.
Squeeze the sides to open the ball up, similar to a coin purse. Place your items inside and make sure the cut edges line up, and you now have an inconspicuous hiding spot.
It can also be helpful to choose a roughed-up ball. The added layer of wear can help to disguise the cut a bit, making it look a bit less out of place and suspicious.
This hiding spot can be used at home, but it's especially helpful if you're headed to the gym or the beach, as people are less likely to steal or even question a tennis ball.