Indoor plants next to a window
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How To Use Aluminum Foil To Double The Sun Your Indoor Plants Receive
To have healthy indoor plants, you must rotate them regularly so they get enough sunlight on all sides. Thankfully, aluminum foil can help you double the sun your plants receive.
Its reflective properties act as a mirror and reflect the light from the window to every niche and cranny of your indoor plants and can even bring deprived-looking plants to life.
To make a sun box for an indoor plant, you’ll need aluminum foil, clear duck tape, and a cardboard box that’s at least two inches taller than the plant’s top leaves.
Cut one of the sides and the top of the box, and line the inside with the foil using the tape to stick it in place. Be sure to leave the shiny side out for extra reflectiveness.
Finally, place your planter inside the box and near the window for some sunbathing. Sun boxes can also help grow seedlings indoors and help new plants grow straighter and stronger.