Crushed Aluminum Silver Foil Ball On Dark Grey Background In Mid Air.
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How To Use Aluminum Foil To Give Your Boring Jars A Unique Upgrade
Creating an attractive, durable flower vase from empty glass food jars or bottles and some inexpensive, new, or used aluminum foil is easy.
Foil is easy to work with as it bends around almost any shape or texture, and it can be painted. It also hides stains and reflects heat, extending the life of your flowers.
Upcycle glass jars and bottles of any size from your pantry. Wash them with warm, soapy water, and once completely dry, use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky or greasy residue.
Crumple up a large sheet of foil and flatten it out again. Cover the outside of your jar or bottle with glue, then smooth on the aluminum foil, trimming off any excess.
Glue lace, beads, ribbon, or little balls of foil onto the outside of the jar, or draw patterns with the glue gun and cover them with foil. Let the foil show through or paint it.