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How To Use An Extension To Increase Your Kitchen Countertop Space
For more space on your kitchen counter, use an extension (attached by hinges to the end of your counter) by pushing it up and adjusting the bracket to hold the extension in place.
To create a flip countertop, choose material for the flat surface — for instance, a wood butcher's block is versatile enough to coordinate with most color schemes in
your kitchen.
Plywood will also work once it is sanded and completely finished and sealed. This is a great way to go if you'd like to add a decorative design by using your router.
You can choose from different tones when adding the final finish. Just make sure that the wax, oil, or stain is safe to come into contact with food.
You might consider completing the finishing process prior to installation, which could be easier than trying to work around the hardware once the slab is attached.
For the actual installation, anchor the wood to your counter using piano hinges, which allow you to fold the piece down.
These hinges can go underneath the countertop if there's enough space, or you can attach them to a narrow block below if the setup is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the wood.
The bracket that supports the countertop can also be crafted from wood and attached to the counter's side with a hinge to fold it inward, or you can just use metal brackets.