A harvest mouse sits on the edge of a half eaten apple. It has one paw on its face.
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How To Use An Old Shoebox To Catch Pesky Mice In Your Home
If you're going down the list of all-natural mice-catching hacks, try using an old shoebox to capture your unwelcome visitor. It might just do the trick of catching it.
All you need is a shoebox, box cutter, and bait. Remove the lid and cut two flaps into the center by cutting horizontally across the lid and then cutting a slit down the middle.
Slightly bend the cardboard pieces inward toward the box so the mouse can easily fall in when it steps onto the flaps. Put the lid onto the box, and then set your bait.
Sprinkle seeds and nuts across the top so that, when the mouse steps onto the lid to get its snack, it will fall through the trap door inside.