Dried flowers in a white antique vase on the window.
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How To Use Baking Soda To Turn Any Vase Into A Chic Pottery Barn Dupe
TikTok user @kaysuaz demonstrated how you can make thrifted glass vases look like expensive Pottery Barn ceramics by mixing baking soda with paint.
Before painting, wipe down the flower vase with soapy water and dry it thoroughly. Then mix a one-to-one ratio of baking soda to acrylic paint, creating a grainy texture.
Apply the paint horizontally on your vase to mimic handcrafted pottery. As you go, you’ll notice how sheer it is, so paint multiple layers until it creates a stunning opaque look.
In her TikTok tutorial, @kaysuaz was able to recreate an $80 vase from the Pottery Barn for only $20. The supplies are only a few dollars, and most people already have baking soda.
Fill these faux ceramic vases with dried or fresh flowers to add warmth and character to any room, and place them as centerpieces on dining tables, bookcases, or nightstands.