Large monstera plant in garden
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How To Use Bamboo Sticks To Elevate The Look Of Your Monstera Plant
Monsteras are a terrific option for a low-maintenance plant. Per @thecinematicfly on TikTok, you can change the look of your monstera, helping it to grow in the direction you want.
These plants need support to grow large, luscious leaves, so you can use a shovel handle for support, encouraging the monstera to grow into something majestic.
You can then use bamboo sticks and garden wire to help shape the direction its leaves grow. Since you'll be removing these sticks, you can use as many
as you'd like.
The result is a monstera plant with the leaves facing forward and the roots facing toward the back. This allows you to marvel at the wonder of your monstera's leaves.
Just keep in mind that you don't want to move its leaves too fast — slowly work them into shape. Once you remove the sticks, you'll find that your monstera's leaves stay in place.