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How To Use Beer And Bread To Get A Handle On Destructive Cockroaches
Cockroaches can make your life a waking nightmare, but you can easily trap roaches with just two simple ingredients: bread and beer.
To make this simple trap, soak a slice of bread in beer before cutting the top off a two-liter plastic bottle and inverting it into the base so that it looks like a funnel.
Apply petroleum jelly or cooking spray to the inside of the funnel to keep the roaches in, then put the beer bread in the bottom of the bottle and put the funnel on top.
Use a piece of tape to create a ramp up to the trap, and then place the trap in a dark area with high roach activity. Check the trap every morning, and change the bait every few days.
Since cockroaches can produce between 200 and 300 babies per year, a beer bread trap is best used alongside other traps if you want to make a major dent in the population.
Aside from beer, you can also soak bread in soda or syrup for a similar effect. These roaches will eat any organic matter including cardboard, tape, or glue.