Bush of violet Persian catnip
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How To Use Catnip To Keep Cockroaches Out Of The House
When cockroaches are spotted in your home, your first instinct might be to use a chemical insecticide to get rid of them, but instead, try using catnip, a natural herb alternative.
Growing catnip in your garden or as a pot plant can attract not just cats but butterflies and bees. The nepetalactone in the plant can also repel flies, aphids, and mosquitos.
Catnip goes a step further with cockroaches, as it has the potential to make roaches space out. That, in turn, makes humanely removing the bugs from your home an easier task.
Pop the plant or its leaves anywhere you’ve seen cockroaches, and keep an out for any that show up slowed and disorientated by the herb. Scoop the bugs up and take them outside.
Catnip is unlikely to harm roaches other than slowing them down, but you can also use a conservative approach by putting dried catnip in bags and placing them through the house.
Starting small is also good for cat owners, as too much catnip can cause stomach issues or anxiety in cats. Keep an eye on the plant, or use the sprinkled variety sparingly.