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Turn Cattle Troughs Into Impressive Raised Garden Beds
Cattle troughs, also known as stock tanks, are perfect for whatever you want to grow in a raised bed and need only minimal preparation to grow a successful garden.
To prepare the ground, smother weeds and grass with a thick layer of cardboard to keep them from growing up through the drainage holes and taking over your garden.
To allow your cattle trough to drain properly, flip it upside down and power drill 1 inch in diameter holes about 8 inches apart across the entire width and length.
Fill the bottom of your bed with sticks, leaves, and grass. All these items will take up space while providing material that will slowly decompose, adding nutrients to your soil.
Then, add your soil mix to the cattle trough. One scoop is usually about a 1/2 cubic yard, so go according to the size of your cattle trough.