A flea on a fabric
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How To Use Cedar Mulch To Keep Fleas Out
Of Your Lawn Naturally
Cedar mulch repels fleas with its pungent scent that disrupts their sense of smell. It leaves them confused and unsure about what to do, making them flee the
area to a safer place.
Get either cedar chips, sawdust, or mulch, whatever is available and fits your budget, then spread it across the lawn, mainly in places with taller grass where fleas like to hide.
You can also apply it around your yard's perimeter, creating a line that would block them from crossing into your lawn, or use it to mulch problematic areas in your landscaping.
Additionally, fleas don't create a tolerance to cedar oil, so it will work as long as it's pungent. Just ensure before buying that your mulch hasn't been de-oiled.