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How To Use Cement To Recreate
A Genius IKEA Plastic Chair Hack
YouTube account HomeMadeModern posted a video that shows how you can turn an inexpensive plastic IKEA chair into a durable concrete seat that will last for years.
To make your own, start with one or two plastic patio chairs, like the SKARPÖ from IKEA. When flipped, the underside makes a good mold for quick-drying cement.
Prepare one bag of quick-drying cement at a time until you fill the gaps. It’s crucial to use a wooden stick to stir out air bubbles or get rid of them using vibrating movements.
Once you reach the chair’s legs, make a simple reinforcing mold using water bottles, as shown by @thesorrygirls TikTok. Allow the chair to dry and harden for one to two days.
To remove the plastic chair from the cement once dried, just gently work around the edges with a flat-head screwdriver so you don’t risk breaking the mold.
If your final product has a few rough edges, smooth it over using an angle grinder with a fine-grade disk. Use lightweight concrete if you want to decrease the chair’s weight.
This hack works so well thanks to the IKEA chair’s solid structure and smooth underbelly, which is perfect for holding concrete, leaving you with results that have no marks or indents.