Eclectic array of glass jars display foods in a kitchen pantry
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How To Use Christina Hall's Bar Glassware Tip To Elevate Your Home
From vintage decanters with fancy stoppers to large-lidded snack jars, HGTV's Christina Hall's twist on standard liquor bottles and mundane bowls takes decor to a new level.
From flavored vinegar and olive oil to bulk snack foods, an eclectic mix of glassware or designed bottles and containers is perfect for clever kitchen repurposing.
Use a decorative liquor decanter as an amazing bedside water bottle for your guest room. Add a vintage glass tumbler and sit the duo on a lovely tray to complete the look.
Fill pretty bottles with glass stoppers with bubble baths, massage oils, and bath salts. Vintage, colored candy dishes with lids can hold bath bombs or cotton balls.
Thrift stores, flea markets, antique malls, estate and garage sales, and online marketplaces can all yield glassware to collect and incorporate into your home.