Small sticks of cinnamon bark.  Shallow dof.
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How To Use Cinnamon To Add A Vintage Look To Your Furniture
Vintage or antique pieces can be a beautiful addition to any home, but they are not always readily accessible or affordable. Luckily, cinnamon can help you mimic the vintage look.
Cinnamon's rusty color makes it a perfect substitute for the real thing. Add this versatile spice to metal with a small brush and a liquid or spray adhesive.
Cinnamon grounds are a dead ringer for actual rust in both color and texture, so it will give the illusion of decades of oxidation in mere minutes — and make it smell great.
While you can use any glue, including everyday Elmer's, to affix your cinnamon, better options include Mod Podge or artists fixative, both of which dry clear.
Cinnamon is also great for buffing out scratches on most varieties of wood, old and new. Simply pour the spice on the scratch and rub it with your finger.