Small sticks of cinnamon bark
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How To Use Cinnamon To Keep Rabbits From Eating Your Garden
When rabbits smell cinnamon, they run away since they know it's dangerous. Inhaling, eating, or touching it may give them allergic reactions, stomach pains, and irritated skin.
Sprinkling cinnamon powder around plants is
the easiest way of using the spice to ward off rabbits, but if you don't want too much powder in the soil, prepare a homemade spray.
Let two teaspoons of cinnamon soak overnight in four cups of water, strain the mixture, and fill a spray bottle. Add some rubbing alcohol and dish soap to help it adhere to plants.
Spray the mixture around your yard where you don't want rabbits to go. You
can also place pieces of cinnamon bark around the base of any tree or plant or apply essential oil drops.
Apply enough bark, powder, essential oil drops, or spray to ensure the scent lasts a long time, and reapply often, as rain, wind, and other natural elements can remove the smell.