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How To Use Copper Sheet To Update Your Dishwasher
TikTok user @lonefoxhome DIYed his stainless steel dishwasher door with copper sheets to match his kitchen interior, and you can do the same with the following materials.
You’ll need a Restorers Rustic Aged Copper Sheet, a boxcutter, a plastic putty scraper, a measuring tape, a drill, a J-B Weld quickset, a towel, scissors, and a wooden spoon.
You’ll also want a flat edge smoother, epoxy, paper towels, clamps, pliers, and a new door handle. Measure your dishwasher door before purchasing the copper sheet to save money.
Remove the dishwasher door with the drill, unscrew the handle from the back, and set it aside, then lay your dishwasher door on a table and measure the copper sheet to its size.
If your copper sheet is larger than the size of your dishwasher door, cut it to the size of the door. When you cut the copper, be careful because it has sharp edges and corners.
Ensure the sheet is slightly larger than the door to wrap along the sides and note the dimensions. Apply the J-B Weld quickset to the door's surface evenly with the putty scraper.
The setting takes six minutes, so you'll want to move quickly when lining up the copper sheet. After placing the copper sheet on top of the door, use the towel to smooth it out.
Slightly bend the sides of the sheet to create an indent along the edges and corners. Cut the corners to bend the copper sheet along the border as if you were wrapping a present.
Press it down over the side using the wooden spoon to get an even, smooth surface. Glue the sheet to the sides with epoxy and clamp down the sides to secure the sheet.
Place paper towels under the clamps to prevent the clamps from indenting the sheet. Pinch the corners with pliers to secure them, attach the door handle, and re-install the door.