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How To Use Denture Tablets To Clean Dirty Tile And Grout
Denture tablets contain cleaning agents that can effectively and safely remove dirt and debris, stains, and even bacteria from tile and grout made of porcelain and acrylic resin.
To harness their cleaning prowess, take two or three denture tablets and put them in a spray bottle filled with hot water. Give the mixture a few minutes to fizz
and dissolve.
Then, spray it onto the areas you wish to clean, specifically focusing on the grout. Let the solution sit for about 20-30 minutes, allowing it to penetrate and break down the dirt.
Once the wait is over, wipe away the solution using a clean cloth. It's a good idea to rinse the area with a clean towel or a mop to remove any chemical residue.
For stubborn areas, create a paste by combining a few denture tablets with a few tablespoons of water. Apply this paste directly to the problematic areas and scrub with a brush.
After a few minutes, wipe away the paste to unveil pristine grout. These denture tablet hacks are perfect for cleaning floor tiles, shower tiles, and
kitchen backsplashes.