A fruit fly.
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How To Use Duct Tape
To Keep
Your Kitchen
Fruit Fly-Free
Fruit flies can enter your home via cracks in walls, windows, doors, and drains or by eggs laid inside fruits and veggies. However, duct tape can serve as a quick and easy remedy.
Place pieces of duct tape around spaces infested with flies with the sticky side exposed, and watch as the flies collect on the surface. Then, throw the duct tape into the trash.
You can attach duct tape to your trash can, cabinets, countertops, and near your windows and doors. You can also hang pieces from your ceiling as makeshift pieces of flypaper.
You can also contain the bugs with a trap that requires duct tape, a glass mason jar (preferably with a narrow opening), a piece of paper, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap.
Roll the paper into a funnel, giving one side a small, half-inch hole and the other a much larger one, and tape it into place. Next, pour the vinegar and dish soap inside the jar.
Place the funnel with the narrow opening inside the jar and tape the paper around the jar’s edge. Leave the trap on the counter until you stop noticing flies in your kitchen.
You can also use duct tape to know how the flies are entering your kitchen. Place it over your sink drain overnight, peel it off in the morning, and check for stuck bugs.