Holes on the ground dug by suspicious wildlife
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How To Use Fill Dirt To Fix Unwanted Holes In Your Backyard
You can patch up those few unwanted holes in the yard with minimal supplies and a bit of yard work. All you need is fill dirt, topsoil, grass seed, and some basic gardening tools.
Those holes are a big eyesore and a safety hazard, so to properly fix them, inspect all the holes first to estimate how much fill dirt or topsoil you may require.
Topsoil is full of minerals and organic matter, while fill dirt is made of things like dirt, sand, clay and rocks. Both topsoil and fill dirt are crucial for plant growth.
Once all the components are ready, mow your lawn to make each hole visible and accessible. Shovel the fill dirt into each hole and pack it to the surface.
Apply a layer of topsoil evenly and generously to each patched-up hole. Ensure this layer is breathable by using your hands or a rake to loosen it up as you go along.
Use a garden hose or sprinkler to moisten each section of topsoil and give it a few hours to soak in. Then, plant grass seed in each spot and water it daily for the best results.