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How To Use Garlic To Keep Your Bird Feeders Rodent-Free
Bird feeders bring feathered friends to your yard, but they also attract rodents and pests thanks to their seeds. To avoid that, use the power of garlic to keep them away.
Mice and rats have a sharp sense of smell, and since garlic is extremely pungent, they'll run in the opposite direction rather than
forage through the stink.
There are several ways you can use garlic to repel rodents. The easiest way to do so is to simply put the bulbs around the vicinity or string them around the feeder.
Another option is to chop the garlic cloves and boil them in water to infuse the liquid. Pour it into a spray bottle, and then liberally spray the bird feeder a few times a week.
Alternatively, add a thin layer of minced garlic in the grass underneath the feeder to deter rodents from sniffing around for fallen seeds. Avoid this method if you have pets.