Homemade apothecary jars with Q-tips and cotton balls.
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How To Use IKEA Coasters For A Clever DIY Apothecary Jar Dupe
TikTok is full of DIY home furnishing hacks, such as adding the FÖRSEGLA coaster from IKEA to glass vases or containers to make homemade apothecary jars.
To try this DIY setup, you need the IKEA FÖRSEGLA coasters, which cost $3.49 for a two-pack, and glass jars, which you can find at any dollar store or craft shop.
Bring the IKEA coasters along when shopping for the jars, and try setting them on top of the jars to make sure the sizes match and the coasters can function as lids.
TikTokker @lizfenwickdiy shows off apothecary jars in her bathroom that hold cotton balls and Qtips. The jars give off a chic, rustic vibe that suits most interior designs.
The jars also work in your kitchen, pantry, or laundry room. However you choose to use them, these jars offer a neat, aesthetically pleasing vessel for your storage needs.