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How To Use IKEA's Popular Patio Tiles In Other Areas Of Your Home
IKEA's patio tiles dress up walls and floors, fitting seamlessly into any space, be it inside or out. Interior designers frequently use them in projects due to their versatility.
Upgrade any wall with IKEA's Runnen tiles — for example, give a concrete garden wall a wooden fence look. These tiles can also be used as doormats, shoe storage, and shower mats.
Alternatively, use Runnen tiles to create a pool or hot tub surround and keep areas slip-free. The tiles’ open slats allow water to drain, providing a dry place to stand.
With their white geometric lacy design, Altappen tiles can showcase boldly painted walls or be used to make a dreamy DIY privacy screen for your balcony or living room.
Porcelain Mällsten tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Their smooth, patterned surfaces are easy to clean and install, making them ideal for walls or as a backsplash.